What Fantasy Sports Are There Apart from Cricket?

What Fantasy Sports Are There Apart from Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is definitely taking over the Indian subcontinent, but it’s also pretty popular in other areas where cricket is played, including the UK and Australia. Fantasy sports have been around for some time, with cricket being just one of the available options out there.
In fact, this type of entertainment has become so popular that many sports platforms on the web started offering fantasy competitions. For example, SportsAdda and Fantasy Cricket joined forces to offer a fantastic sports experience to those who enjoy this sport. Similarly, many other bookmakers and popular sports-related sites offer other fantasy options.

Let’s take a look at some other options that fantasy sports fans have right now.

Fantasy Football/Soccer

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. The term ‘fantasy football’ is used both by Americans and Europeans. However, when using this term, they’re referring to two completely different sports — football/soccer and American football. In this section, we’re going to focus on the European version of this sport.

The fantasy variation of the popular sport is actually quite old and dates back to 1971 when a person named Bernie Donnelly made the rules. Almost five decades later, this activity is more popular than ever, with the Internet allowing us to make it massive. When talking about fantasy football, players mainly think about the Premier League.
Rules are pretty much the same as in fantasy cricket — you get to choose players that are ranked based on their performance in real games. This type of entertainment has grown popular in Europe, especially in the UK.

Fantasy Football — The NFL

The National Football League, aka NFL, is the most popular sports competition in the US, which is why it was only natural that thousands of Americans are completely obsessed with this sport and its fantasy counterpart.

However, many fantasy leagues do not focus on the NFL only. Instead, you are free to choose players from the Canadian Football League, as well as college football players. They are very inclined towards the so-called DFS type of fantasy football, which is an abbreviation for daily fantasy sports.

DFS resembles sports betting, as participants are usually charged a small amount in order to create a prize pool. The best ones who made the right choice when it comes to selecting their fantasy players usually win the biggest chunk of the prize pool for their effort.

Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball usually refers to the NBA, and there are already a couple of sites offering this type of entertainment. Participants get to choose which categories they want to follow in the league they take part in.

The leagues with the simplest form usually just take points, rebounds, and assists into account. On the other hand, there are more complicated leagues that include blocks, steals, various shooting percentages, turnovers, fouls, and much more. If you’re a basketball fan who likes following statistics of individual players, this is a dream game for you.

Other Fantasy Sports

Although cricket, football, American football, and basketball are the most popular options among fantasy sports lovers, the list doesn’t end there. In fact, there are many other sports that are more or less popular among fantasy fans.

One of the sports that is quite popular in the US is baseball — there are quite a few baseball fans out there who enjoy playing a fantasy version of this game. Apart from baseball, there are fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy football (Australian rules), and even fantasy auto racing. If you like the sports these games are based on, you’ll find all of them very entertaining.

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