Six tips for selecting your Fantasy XI

Six tips for selecting your Fantasy XI

Cricket fans love to play their favourite Fantasy XI games. There are different platforms for playing like StarPick, Dream11, Howzat and CricketXI. However, these platforms have similar rules and playing style. There is huge competition in these games as everyone is desperately trying to win, but we have some fantasy cricket tips to help you get a head start.

Pick the right batsmen – It is extremely important and a no brainer to pick trustworthy and consistent batsmen in your lineup. Generally, batsmen who stay longer on pitch give more points, so it is important to see average scores of batsmen and their current form. A wicket-keeper batsman, who has the qualities to shine, will be an even better option as he will fetch more points.

Take more All-Rounders – It doesn’t take rocket science to state that all-rounders are an extremely valuable part of the squad in fantasy games. They are players who are involved in both batting and bowling aspects of the game. Hence, they earn you big points. A batsman, who comes at fifth or sixth in order of batting, generally gathers chunks of runs apart from picking useful wickets. It is important to judge wisely while picking an all-rounder for your squad.

Study the pitch and weather – Knowing the pitch is a great advantage. The pitch condition determines whether it is high scoring, helps spinners or pace bowlers, or maybe it has a neutral response. Weather conditions like wind, humidity, fog and dry perch are important factors to consider as they can impact the bowling and batting on some instances. To top everything, a spell of rain can completely delay the match making it dependent on Duckworth–Lewis–Stern method.

Choosing captain and vice-captain – This is one of the most tricky yet fruit-bearing parts of Fantasy XI. A major portion of points depends on these two players. So if the captain and vice-captain of a team don’t perform, the chances of winning fall by a great margin. It is absolutely mandatory to keep focus on cricket live scores of these two players. Hence, choose and change them wisely. Opening batsman who have solid scoring chances and are consistent are a good option.

Don’t choose favorites – It is often noticed that people choose their favorite players. Some even make them captain just to satisfy their fanhood. This is a blunder. Favorites could be out of form players or maybe extremely expensive in the market. Choosing players should be a neutral decision and being biased about it will only make the line up bad and inefficient.

Make the most out of your money – People tend to buy the most famous players due to their outstanding cricketing careers and records. However, such players often have a high price tag. It is important to keep such players in squad but one cannot buy many of such glorious cricketers due to budget restrictions in the game. The best option to save money and get the most out of your spending is buying one or two young talents who have proven themselves in domestic competitions. If you even fail with one of your young players, it has not cost you a fortune. This can enable you to buy a consistent star player who will cover the losses.

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